AVATAR 4 Channel LED RC Remote Controlled Helicopter Chopper Quadcopter IR
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AVATAR 4 Channel LED RC Remote Controlled Helicopter Chopper Quadcopter IR

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YD-718 Avatar RC attack helicopter made of polypropylene

This attack helicopter with designs from famous action movies has two powerful main rotors that make the heli rise quickly. The bright LED headlamp lights the way and is a real highlight of this black twin engine copter. Simulated weapons systems enhance the look of the combat helicopter. Compared to other normal helicopters or drones this model really does slide through the air and has an evil and distinctive appearance militarily characterized. Thanks to the lightweight polypropylene construction, the chassis is as light as styrofoam and almost unbreakable. The joystick remote control with 4 infrared LEDs comes without antenna and fits in your hands like a game controller from a game console. This military toy makes us feel good and is perfect for small and big boys! This military aircraft is rather unsuitable for stunt flying.


Technical specifications:

  • Length: 17.8 cm, width: 19.8 cm, height 10cm
  • Weight with battery: 45 grams including the battery
  • Gyro Flight Stabilization (suitable for beginners)
  • 2 main rotors and a tail rotor
  • External battery charger with LED status
  • Flexible blades for longer life
  • 4-channel infrared remote control in the Game Controllers design
  • Additional required batteries / batteries for remote control: 3 x 1,5V AAA


  • Helicopter
  • Remote control
  • Heli battery (built-in),
  • USB charger
  • Replacement rotors
  • Manual

Suitable for children over 14 years


This is not a toy in the traditional sense, but a highly technical and sensitive aircraft!


Safety instructions:

Never fly towards people or animals when there is a risk of injury from the fast rotor blades. If the helicopter is out of control, which may be the case especially in the initial practice, than drag the left acceleration lifting downwards so that the motor stops immediately! Always keep yourself at a safe distance from at least 2 meters and fly only within your vision range.

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Hg = Battery contains more than 0.0005 percent by mass of Mercury.

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