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Item Number:  50003100

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Vacuum Chamber Stainless Steel

Item Description:
  • Measurements of the chamer: 11 inch diameter x 11 inch depth / 280 mm diameter x 280 mm depth
  • Material of the tank: stainless steel
  • Material of the lid: acrylic
  • Material of the ball valve: brass polypropylene (temperature: up to approx. 93°C)
  • Wall thickness: approx. 0.043 or 0.047 inch
  • Vacuum pump connection: ¼
  • Sealed to prevent leaks
  • Tested under water pressure
  • Extra strong, transparent lid that does not succumb to vacuum
  • High-quality silicon gasket, chemically resistent to solvents (temperature: up to approx. 204°C)
  • Industrial vacuum gauge filled with glycerin (shockproof for transport and reliable within a scope of 0.5 inHg)
  • Vacuum hose with steel wire (prevents collapse)
  • Vacuum pump fitting made of brass (compatible with all vacuum pump connections, specifically designed with an internal thread pitch of 37.5 degrees, which is suitable for pumps with 32 to 45 degrees connections)

Items Delivered:
  • 1 x vacuum chamber with lid made of stainless steel
The pump for the vacuum chamber is not included.