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Item Number:  50001626

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2-Way Fitting Assistant Air Conditioner

Technical Data:
  • 2-way fitting assistant
  • Filling armature made of brass, with manometers
  • Incl. 3 filling hoses
  • Colours of the filling hoses: red, yellow, blue
  • Length of the filling hoses: 60 inches (approx. 152 cm)
  • Incl. 2 quick-lock coupling with adapters for use in vehicle air conditioning
  • Quick-lock coupling red: high pressure connection
  • Quick-lock coupling blue: low pressure connection
  • Connections of quick-lock couplings: 1/4" SAE
  • Freezing agent flow indicator

Items Delivered:
  • 1 x 2-wayfitting assistant for R134a, R22, R12 and R502
  • Incl. 3 filling hoses