2 Colours 2.03 m Jumbo XXL Scratch Tree Cats Scratching Post Game Sisal Black
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2 Colours 2.03 m Jumbo XXL Scratch Tree Cats Scratching Post Game Sisal Black

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Beautiful 2-meter high cat tree in black/white!
(The stems are wrapped with natural-coloured bright sisal.)

Cat scratching trees are necessary for house cats and cats, which are staying mainly inside, because with them your beloved four-legged friends can follow their instinct to sharpen their claws, without leaving permanent damage to your home furniture.
Since not sharpened claws can harm the cat, we offer in this auction not only an eye catcher - which can be colour-integrated almost everywhere - but which also ensures a piece of satisfaction for your loyal roommate.

This great scratching post offers your cat different levels of wonderful scratching, sleeping and playing possibilities.

The sisal-wrapped posts will encourage the cat to scratch, while from the highest point the little tiger has a perfect view of his territory.

So with this tree you get the all-around worry-free package for your house tiger, available now!

Description / Dimensions:

  • Cat tree in black / white
  • Total height: approx. 200 cm;
  • Base: approx. 69 cm x 45 cm
    • Dimensions of the sisal posts: approx. 8 cm (diameter)
      Colour of the sisal-wrapped posts: Sisal beige (natural) / Plastic black

      Wells: 30 cm x 5 cm (diameter x D)
      multiple sleeping and playing opportunities
      incl. play mouse and string