Rabbit Hutch Rabbits Stall Shed Animal Cage Rodent Bunny House Bunnies
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Rabbit Hutch Rabbits Stall Shed Animal Cage Rodent Bunny House Bunnies

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Rabbit Hutch Animal Stall

This rabbit hutch provides your animals with 3 levels of enormous space and variety! The enclosure on the top floor consists of one closed area and below of a nice, through 1 ladder freely accessible and very spacious, ground-free walking area. Your animals can be undisturbed and protected here and enjoy the nature. The stall has several grid windows and two front doors with solid hinges. The animals can be wonderfully observed from all sides and get enough sunlight and fresh air. Your rabbits or other small animals get through the ladders in their upper visibility and weather protected area - the ideal retreat for your sensitive animals or rabbit parents and their offspring. For you the compartments are protected from the outside by a door and are easily accessible so that you always have access to the interior or your animals. The entire roof of the hutch is provided with a special waterproof coating, so that both your animals and the coop are protected from bad weather. Since the roof has also a spacious canopy, the little animals are not directly exposed to the wetness from above. The details in this rabbit hutch are beautiful and such are the heart locks of the doors and the tasteful mullioned windows on the first floor. To clean the closed upper floor regularly and without any obstacles you can find a removable drawer at the intermediate floor.

Product description:

  • Measurements: Total length about 140, biggest roof height 115 cm, total depth 60 cm
  • Small animal hutch for rabbits, bunnies and other small animals
  • Material: Solid wood, sturdy hinges, weather-resistant roof, stainless wire mesh
  • Colour: Light brown and green roof coating (asphalt mats)
  • Generous free walking area and 1 chamber on 2 floors
  • Ground floor - free walking (ground clear))
  • Upper floor window and one dwelling house
  • A large grid front door with solid hinges
  • Large and small grid windows
  • An exterior door for the protected area
  • Under the dwelling house a removable drawer for easier cleaning
  • Large roof with weather-resistant and waterproof coating


  • 1x Rabbit hutch
  • Mounting material
  • Assembly instructions